Time Management Tips from Ask Katie!

TwitterProfileYes! We made it, we made it through another round of midterms! Or for some of us, the very first round of midterms as we embark on this new life as college students. As a veteran myself, I would like to say that things are downhill from here, but sadly this is not the case. College is a beautiful and wonderful experience, but is also extremely challenging and demanding on our minds. Midterms, finals, papers, exams, and projects are the new “norm”, which creates pressure in our brains to function on a new level. I am not going to say things will get easier, but hopefully Ask Katie can provide you with a few tips on how to master deadlines, ace your exams, clean your dorm, hang out with friends, exercise, work and get a full 8 hours of sleep!

Okay, okay these are lofty goals- we are not guaranteeing that you will accomplish all of these in a single day, but rather give you some advice on how to accomplish these goals in a matter of days or weeks. We are going to discuss the art of time management. Time management is the ability to use one’s time effectively and productively (dictionary.com, 2016). This is a learned skill and comes with practice. Beginning college is a new experience and you may not have had to balance so many tasks until now! Notice the two adjectives in the definition effectively and productively. These are the key, and they require a conscious effort if time management does not come naturally to you.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

  1. Declutter – clean your room, clean your closet, delete old emails, throw away old papers, and anything else that you do not need. Having all of these unnecessary items in your relaxing space create stress.
  2. Plan – create a schedule and stick to it! There are many events to attend on and off campus, but plan ahead. If you need to study for that big exam, plan ahead if you like to have flexibility in your schedule so you can attend spontaneous events. Most instructors will give you exam dates well ahead of schedule. Be sure to plan ahead to attend Ask Katie Events!
  3. Prioritize – create a list and rank your obligations from least to most important. Reminding yourself of this list and celebrating your accomplishments throughout the day can help you keep on task and keep going!
  4. Be effective – even though you can attend a breakfast date with your friends, go to class, take a nap, go to work, study, attend yoga class, and clean your room all in one day doesn’t mean that you should do all of these activities. Think about how to be effective by choosing to complete maybe 2 or 3 of these items.  Constantly overflowing your schedule can lead to decreased productivity and burnout.
  5. Focus – keep your eyes on the task at hand. Do not think about all of your classes at once and how many assignments are due this week (or how many midterms you had last week). Keep one task and complete it. Give it your full attention and then you can think about another activity.
  6. Finish the job – whatever you do, give it your best!
  7. Stop procrastinating – One word- NETFLIX. No, Netflix is hardly to blame – after all you are the intelligent being behind the remote choosing to stay in your cozy nest hour after hour. Though Netflix can be a great way to unwind, there are negative health benefits to binge watching. Read our post ‘Before You Binge Watch’. Also, be mindful of how many hours you are spending on social media and think about what you could be doing with that time instead.
  8. Stay organized – planners, labels, folders, and calendars. Make it a priority to start your week by organizing your space and your schedule. Creating goals and setting a schedule for the week can help you accomplish more. You will be able to seamlessly flow from activity to activity instead of searching all over your room for your wallet. In addition, this will keep your personal interests, work schedules, friends activities, exercise, and the ability to eat healthy in balance.

What are some of the ways you time manage? How can Ask Katie help you accomplish your health and fitness goals? Be sure to leave a comment & Check out the November programs!





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