Question: Does it cost anything to get tested for STIs at the Health and Wellness Center?

Thanks for asking an anonymous health question! We are happy to answer all your health concerns. First, we are happy you know about the St. Kate’s Health and Wellness Clinic. For those of you who are unfamiliar, the Health and Wellness Clinic is the health clinic on St. Paul’s campus connected to the Butler Center. The clinic has its own entrance on the east side of the building near the visitor parking lot and facilities building. The clinic’s information and a list of services they provide can be found in a link here:

Short Answer: The Health and Wellness Clinic does offer comprehensive Sexually Transmitted Infection testing, however it is not free.

The Health and Wellness Clinic is similar to any other clinic you might visit and accepts all insurance. The costs accrued from the appointment would be sent to your insurance company and then anything they did not cover, is the student’s responsibility to pay for. The charges are sent to your student account. If you have questions about what your specific insurance company would and would not cover at the clinic, call them directly to find out. There is usually a number on the back of your insurance card. All students are required to have health insurance to attend St. Kate’s, but if you are underinsured, or don’t want to use your insurance for any reason, you can call the clinic to find out what the service you hope to receive would cost out of pocket; the clinic does provide a discount for student’s paying out of pocket. Call, email, or stop by with any questions.

St. Catherine University Health and Wellness Clinic

651-690-6714 |

Monday-Friday 8:30am -4:30pm

If the Health and Wellness Clinic is not covered under your insurance plan and you are interested in using your insurance, the Health and Wellness Clinic and Ask Katie has a list of clinics and health care services that are close to campus; stop by to pick up that list. There are also clinics that may offer a sliding scale for payment. This means you bring in your income information (pay stub) and they base your fee off of how much you make. (Come in and see us at Ask Katie and we can help you complete the forms you need). A clinic close to campus that has a sliding scale payment plan is: Family Tree Clinic in St. Paul. Family Tree also has a great financial aid program many St. Kate’s students can take advantage of. The State of Minnesota has a Family Planning Program that covers women of reproductive age (15-49yrs) to have access to free healthcare. Simply put, if you schedule an appointment with Family Tree and qualify for the program you can get free STI checks and other health services for no cost. It is just an extra intake form that you fill out at your appointment. Family Tree can answer any questions and have many advocates on staff if you have health questions or need assistance filling out the forms. If you don’t qualify for the program you can still get services at a cost based on your income. Family Tree Clinic also has a hotline for STI information, if you would like to talk to someone over the phone: 800-78FACTS
Family Tree Clinic: 651-645-0478 |

If you have more questions, please stop in during our office hours, we love to chat! Otherwise we are available via email at However, if you would like to remain anonymous, look for the QR code around campus and submit the question via Google forum. The Ask Katie office is located in the Student Organization Center in the CdC and our Office hours are Thursday’s from 11:45-1:15.

~ Ask Katie Peer Educators (Clare, Hannah, Caitlyn, Biftu, Renee, Tori, Angelina, & Ashley)


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